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Aronsborgs Konferens hotell Bålsta

Bålsta – Stockholm, Sweden

For over 20 years, Aronsborg has served as the perfect venue for meetings and events. You will find everything you need here for organising a successful meeting. We offer a huge range of inspirational settings, but mainly an experience you will not forget

Aronsborg is not a converted manor house or a city hotel in disguise. We knew what Aronsborg would be right from the start – a unique meeting and events centre, designed and planned precisely for its purpose.

Aronsborgs Event Court, with its Wintergarden and Chocolate Bar, is a unique and adaptable arena for meetings and events. Our Event Court can swiftly change shape to function as anything from a classic meeting environment, exhibition arena, event venue or restaurant setting, to a cookery arena with 12 kitchen islands. The possibilities are practically endless.

As a meeting and events centre, Aronsborg is in a class of its own. The mere fact that we can cope with groups of between 2 and 500 people is unique in itself. And what sets us apart even more is our ability to adapt our meeting venues and settings to any purpose – anything from small, round-table meetings, to major conferences, AGMs or product launches.

Aronsborg’s philosophy, or creed if you will, is ”Love, Care and Chocolate”. This creed runs through everything we do here at Aronsborg. Love and Care, because we want to have a sincere relationship with our guests and because we genuinely love providing a good service.

Service and hosting are our most important ingredients for ensuring that you enjoy your stay and want to come back to us. Chocolate symbolises our profile in terms of sensory stimulation in the form of furnishings, tastes and scents.

Chocolate features in all sorts of different ways at Aronsborg. For example, our meeting venues have names such as Praline, Truffle, Chocolate and suchlike.

Our bar and pub setting is called Chocolate Bar and the nightclub is named after the most superior and finest cocoa bean.We make our own chocolate truffles and pralines. We offer a number of exciting and varied chocolate-based activities and chocolate tastings.

We also bake our own bread and pastries etc. in our in-house bakery. Naturally, we have an extremely popular Chocolate loaf, which we serve at the lunch buffet. Our guests can also buy our pralines, truffles, chocolate tea and chocolate loaves to take home with them.

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Conference at Aronsborg

Our rooms are airy and attractively furnished and supplied with modern equipment.Our three largest meeting venues are the Uppland Congress Hall, which can accommodate up to 500 people, Stockholm for up to 220 people, and our Event Court for up to 300 people.

We also have 15 meeting rooms of various sizes, 38 rooms for group work and several restaurants, cafés and bar areas, a bakery, our own bar and nightclub, spa and activity areas both indoors and out.

Close, but still far enough away!One of the many advantages of Aronsborg is our geographical location. We are not only in a stunning location by an inlet of Lake Mälaren, we are also close to and easily accessible from both Stockholm and Arlanda, for example. You can get here by bus from Arlanda International Airport, train from/via Stockholm and of course by car.

Allow us to give you some ideas and help create an event that is specially adapted to your needs. We are happy to assist with suggestions as to alternative meeting models, different settings and concepts for your refreshment breaks, dinner events and ideas for activities, etc.

Uppland Congress Hall

The Uppland Congress Hall is our largest meeting venue, with a capacity of up to 500 people in a theatre seating arrangement. Uppland Congress Hall is normally used for groups of 100 people or more, and it can be furnished according to your requirements.The venue has a large stage and modern, advanced equipment to create the optimum sound, lighting and visual experience for participants.Uppland Congress Hall can also be divided up into three separate meeting rooms.


Stockholm is the name of one of our most popular meeting venues. Stockholm has its own adjacent café with a spacious café lobby, nine rooms for group work, cloakrooms and toilets.Stockholm also has a large stage, modern equipment and plenty of opportunities for different kinds of furnishing based on the number of participants and your requirements. Stockholm can accommodate 216 people in a theatre seating arrangement, or 126 people in a classroom seating arrangement.

Event Court

The most unique and advanced meeting venue is without doubt our Event Court, which can accommodate approximately 250 people. In the Event Court, with its Wintergarden and Chocolate Bar, you can create a meeting event with a difference.

Aronsborg is proud to be able to offer an Event Court with its Wintergarden and Chocolate Bar. A unique arena that can change shape according to the event.

Our Event Court features masses of clever functions and solutions for all kinds of events – conferences, fairs, product launches, teambuilding exercises, entertainment, cookery, banquets, dinner shows or events.We have modern and customised equipment, with opportunities for setting the lighting to the desired colour. There is a large, semi-circular stage section that can be raised or lowered. We also have collapsible galleries that can accommodate up to 112 people.

Our Event Court with Wintergarden and Chocolate Bar can be used as an arena or as three, separate and entirely unique event venues.

Chocolate Bar usually functions as a normal bar. Attractively furnished with plenty of movable group seating arrangements, and with a 15-metre long bar designed to look like a bar of chocolate, Chocolate Bar is a genuinely vibrant setting for socialising.

Chocolate Bar and Wintergarden can be opened up to create a large common area that serves as an excellent venue for exhibitions, for example. Adjacent to Chocolate Bar there is also a smaller lobby area for mingling, and our Nightclub.

Two activities that are particularly popular are our cookery activities or our Chocolate School. Our 12 mobile kitchen islands allow up to 72 people to create and cook their own dinner or chocolate pralines. The dinner can then be rounded off in our Wintergarden.

Right next to our Event Court we have our Wintergarden; an open, airy setting that can be used, for example, as a restaurant, meeting venue or exhibition space. Wintergarden has room for up to 140 people seated at round tables.

Wintergarden can also accommodate cars, for example. A popular venue that can be used for lots of different kinds of meeting and dinner events. Wintergarden also leads straight out into our large apple orchard and our pleasant walking trail. It’s safer booking, for example, a Grill & BBQ buffet or Crayfish party here because we can quickly move into Wintergarden if the weather is not on our side.

Little Kitchen

Little Kitchen is a unique meeting venue, specially designed for both ordinary and more unusual meetings for smaller groups. The venue has a wonderful homely feel to it, reminiscent of sitting talking around the kitchen table.

Little Kitchen is equipped with a specially designed conference table and modern conference equipment, but it also has its own cookery section. Here groups of up to 18 people can hold separate discussions and then enjoy their dinner, which can be prepared on site by one of our chefs.

We can arrange cookery activities or our Chocolate School for groups of up to 10 people in the adjacent cookery studio. Little Kitchen is also highly suitable for activities such as drinks tasting.

För grupper upp till 10 personer kan vi genomföra matlagningsaktiviteter eller chokladskola i den tillhörande matlagningsstudion. Lilla Köket passar även utmärkt för aktiviteter som t.ex. dryckesprovningar
Aronsborg Konferenshotell Mat
Restaurant Aronsborg

Aronsborg has several different kinds of restaurants of varying sizes. We can offer you your own restaurant and dinner venue for between 6 and 400 people seated at tables.

Restaurant Mälaren is our largest restaurant, seating up to 400 guests. The restaurant serves our award-winning breakfast buffet, our popular lunch buffet and dinners for several of our guests. We offer a number of exciting dinner and buffet menus in addition to our set conference dinner. Our trained sommeliers will of course assist you by suggesting suitable beverages to go with your meal.

Extensive and varied breakfast buffet with home-made bread from our in-house bakery. Lunch buffet featuring a selection of starter dishes and salads. 4 different main course alternatives, including a vegetarian option and soup. Lunch dessert buffet served in the adjacent café ”The Bakery”.

Lilla Mälarviken

Restaurant Lilla Mälarviken is another example of how carefully we’ve planned things at Aronsborg. Many of our guests over the years have been surprised that Aronsborg can also offer a cosy, manor house dining room.

Lilla Mälarviken is a classic, manor house dining room, seating up to 56 guests. It can also be divided up into two separate restaurants, each with room for approximately 25 guests.Lilla Mälarviken provides us with unique opportunities to customise unplanned meeting and restaurant experiences for our smaller and medium-sized conference groups.

Why not book our chocolate-inspired Afternoon Tea as a change from the classic afternoon coffee break. Of course at Aronsborg we call it Afternoon Xoco Tea, since chocolate is a feature in its many forms and it adds colour to the content. Lilla Mälarviken is also perfect for activities such as various drinks tastings.

“The Bakery”

“The Bakery” is the name of our largest café, which can also be used as a restaurant and socialising venue for up to 100 people. The Bakery is the venue for our coffee buffets and dessert buffets in connection with lunches. Our guests are always welcome to come to the Bakery for a coffee, fruit or home-made biscuits during the day.We also bake all our bread and pastries here, and make pralines and truffles. Visitors can watch as we bake.The aroma of freshly-baked bread alone is worth a visit.

The Bakery can also be transformed into your own restaurant and dinner venue, where you can organise entertainment and activities just for your group.

The Bakery also leads straight out to our wonderful terrace. The terrace can seat up to 250 guests. You can enjoy the beautiful view from out here, or feast on various meal alternatives.

At Aronsborg we usually call the terrace one of Sweden’s most beautiful and largest group work rooms, since many guests like to sit out here and work if the opportunity arises.

We have several adapted settings for socialising at Aronsborg. For example, there’s our kitschy and convivial nightclub, only for our guests. The perfect setting for mingling and socialising.

The nightclub

The nightclub can accommodate up to 400 guests. This classic nightclub setting gives our guests the chance to mingle and socialise. The club always plays music to dance to so that those who want to can get up and strut their stuff.Right next to the nightclub there is also a lobby area for those who would prefer to avoid being asked to dance!

Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar is our attractively furnished bar. Plenty of group seating arrangements and room for mingling, and with a 15-metre long bar designed to look like a bar of chocolate, Chocolate Bar is a genuinely vibrant setting for socialising. We are happy to help you with booking entertainment, musicians, DJs or musical activities.
Opening hours

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Aronsborg Conference Hotel

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