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nordic Hotels & Resorts

nordic is a part of Choice Hotels

The hotels that are consolidated into Nordic Hotels and Resorts corporate label are first class properties for people who know what they want. The variety that this hotel group offer is great and includes experiences within design, art and culture, mountains and fresh air, spa treatments and well-being or city center locations. Common factors are that the hotels are all unique, strive to exceed expectations and provide special experiences. Each hotel has its own brand and identity. We impose strict requirements on all members of the Nordic Hotels & Resorts family, while the hotels at the same time benefit from being part of Nordic Choice Hotels, one of the Nordic region’s leading hotel groups.


  • Be an attractive lifestyle destination, by virtueof either the location or the hotel itself
  • Be a small or medium-sized upscale, first classor luxury hotel
  • Be a concept hotel with an independent, established or potential brand.
  • Have a unique, common thread running through the entire enterprise, to ensure a clear brand promise
  • Complement Nordic Hotels & Resorts’ existing portfolio
nordic Hotels & Resorts 30 May, 2012