Stenungsbaden Yacht Club

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Stenungsbaden Yacht Club Stenungsund

Stenungsund, Sweden

Welcome to a yacht club worthy of it’s name! The easiest way to reach our Yacht Club is by car. Neither sea legs nor navigation skills are necessary to change everyday life with us at Stenungsbaden. Enjoy a refreshing dose of seaside Newport elegance.

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club is a welcoming place; certainly not as pompous or pretentious as its name might sound. Of course, this is a truly excellent spot for sailing aficionados and those who like the lifestyle of the American east coast.

However, in saying that, we do also emphasise that Stenungsbaden is a relaxed, put-your-feet-up type of yacht club. Yachts people often come here, but so also do other visitors who seek nothing more than a fine lookout over the sea and, perhaps, to have their palettes tickled by saffron-spiced fish soup.

The original goal with Stenungsbaden Yacht Club was to create an establishment with standards well above the ordinary conference hotel. A meeting place by the sea where businesses and organisations could find both peace of mind and inspiration and also have immense fun. This is, of course, still the goal. The hotel in itself inspires joy and creativity when you’re working – beautifully located on the Hakefjord beach and many of our hotel rooms enjoy a spectacular sea view. There are several restaurants to choose between to suit all tastes.

Every weekend, the atmosphere at our nightclub is electric. In our night club, Night Shift, it is the latest party grooves that set the atmosphere. For a more causal dance floor experience with some of Sweden’s most popular musicians and dance bands, and set course for the Stars & Stripes. This is where you will meet our expert bartenders at a sixteen-metre, fully stocked deck bar. They rise to most challenges. We are especially proud to have Sweden’s best Martini mixer with us.

If you come to us intent on open-air lazing, we promise to show you the smoothest seashore outcrops with the best of the evening sun. If, on the other hand, you come to take part in any of the forty or so activities we arrange, then we will not disappoint you there either. Those who want to play golf have eight local courses to choose from. Regattas, RIBs, or crayfish party on the typical Bohus island of Korsholmen – just say and we will do our utmost to satisfy every wish.

It may sound remarkable, but even though we are clearly a hub in the yachting world, the Club is just as popular in the winter. We guess that it is not so much the sailing as the atmosphere. People come here both to switch on and to switch off. After all, Boot Camp and Martinis can be enjoyed all year round.

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club Konferens
Villa J. C. Stevens

Villa J C Stevens is where you come when you want to have a whole house entirely to yourself. To give you a picture of what it is like, imagine that a good friend has invited you for a stay.

A friend with the good taste to offer you cognac in front of a roaring fire. A friend who has his or her own chef humming and chopping away in the kitchen. A friend whose taste includes walls with in-built loudspeakers and a parade of Ralph Lauren wall coverings. A friend who, at breakfast, fixes the scrambled egg and heats the milk for the coffee.

The villa offers 12 rooms and can accommodate 14 overnight guests, each with a uniquely furnished room. When you are here, everything is included. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between. Obviously, this takes in lunch, refreshments and an open bar. All of this is provided quite simply because we believe conferences and social get-togethers go better when the participants feel relaxed. Just as if you are at home.

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club Restaurang
Restaurant New Sweden

Nowhere does food taste any better than by the sea. Tastes buds open wide, appetites are whetted and the gentle chop of the waves infects you with culinary desires.

Furthermore, after a day at sea, plates simply have to be fuller than after a day in the office. Because the sea rocks Kookaburra, our quayside summer restaurant, it is particularly appropriate that it should serve fresh crayfish, hot salsas and ridiculously fresh fish.

A little sustenance is probably required if you are going on to the nightclub a few hours later. Our other restaurant, New Sweden, serves excellent food every day of the week. The decor may be inspired by the American east coast, but the sea view is 100% Swedish west coast. The restaurant’s proximity to the sea is apparent even in the menu with its clear, but not exclusive, focus on fish, prawn and lobster.

Bluewater Sports & Health Club

Our spa Bluewater is far from a typical pretentious health resort. It’s a spa with a twist, exuding luxury and our own unique and unparalled brand of ‘feel good’ comfort and quality. Imagine the rowing club at Harvard, combined with the sensation of a luxurious sitting room in The Hamptons.

Relax in good company and enjoy exercise and health treatments in the most scenic of surroundings. By combining outdoor activities like beach volleyball and sailing, with indoor pools, gyms and saunas, we’ve created a unique destination for both rest and activity. Of course you can also enjoy our wonderful treatments – speak to our capable therapists about everything from traditional body treatments to Madonna’s latest remedies.

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club Konferenser
Conference at Stengungsbaden

Conferences at Stenungsbaden Yacht Club benefit from more than just modern well-equipped facilities. Highly inspirational surroundings and a considerable range of activities add that little extra edge.

Ever since opening, we have concentrated on being an innovative meeting place for both large and small companies. We can receive group events of up to 600 people, drive cars into the presentation room and even accommodate a symphony orchestra should you so wish. In a nutshell, it is only the outer walls and imaginations that set the limits.

For those who want to challenge themselves, or each other, or to build team spirit, or simply to burn off energy, we have some forty activities to choose from. A few are purely physical; others test your grey cells or your ability to work as part of a group. Common to all of them is that they usually lead to infectious laughter.

We can receive group events of up to 600 people, drive cars into the presentation room and even accommodate a symphony orchestra should you so wish.

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club

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