Hotel Union Brygge Drammen

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Comfort Hotel Union Brygge Drammen

Drammen, Norway

Comfort Hotel Union Brygge is a stylish rock-themed hotel in Drammen’s regenerated and reinvigorated riverside district, Union Brygge. Drammen’s citizens have rediscovered their sense of pride – and this hotel gives them all the more reason for doing so.

Opening this hotel the owner Petter Stordalen smashed a burning guitar.

The city of Drammen has regained its glory. Salmon are leaping in the river, Aass Brewery is brewing Norway’s finest beer, and stroller-pushing parents are walking up and down the beachside promenade.

Located on the riverside you have easy access to the city center, the Gardermoen airport express train, and the Torp airport bus.

As well as 140 rooms, the hotel has four rock-themed suites. The first is inspired by the Beatles’ White Album from 1968. And guess what? It’s white. Turn up the volume on hits such as Back in the U.S.S.R. and While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

The second suite has iron curtains. This AC/DC suite is a good fit if you’re in town for a gig: Get on the “Rock’n’roll train”!

(The other two suites have Woodstock and Frank Sinatra themes).

In the 1980s, the biggest names in rock flocked to Drammen. Now the city is reclaiming the musical throne. Union Scene is Drammen’s leading venue and is located right next to the hotel.

The hotel also features a state-of-the-art gym. Work that exercise bike or run on the treadmill; use the machines or pick up the free weights.

And did we mention that here’s no rush to get up on Sundays – our check-out time is extended until 6 p.m. (You shook me all night long?)

Come to Drammen. The next place to be.

The lobby features a long row of iMacs, all provided free for our guests. Sit yourself down with an Americano and lose your Internet thirst. Or unwind in the lounge and use the free wifi.

Comfort Hotel Union Brygge

Grønland 68 3045 Drammen Norge Tel: +47 32 21 70 00