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Clarion Hotel Ernst Kristiansand

Kristiansand, Norway

Clarion Hotel Ernst is a conference hotel with a long tradition. Its history goes 150 years back which shows in its architecture and interior. We offer tailor made conferences and a stay full of new experiences.

Clarion Hotel Ernst offers a vibrant atmosphere in the area where traditional and modern meet. We have the best of modern international interior design and exciting contemporary art, which combined with the unique architecture of the hotel creates a great atmosphere.

Clarion Hotel Ernst want their guests to have a healthy stay, which is made possible in our new relax-department. Here you can find a wide range of gym equipment, steamroom, sauna, and cold showers. The relaxdepartment is open from early morning to late evening, so you can exersice or relax when it suits your schedule.

At Clarion Hotel Ernst we want to please all your senses. In our beautifully decorated restaurant Speilsalen we offer exciting food made from well-loved produce and prepare it with inspiration from the mediterranean and asian countries.

Sune Nordgren is known from his previous position as a director at the National Gallery. Among his projects is a plan to redefine the concept of ”Hotel art”

Our experienced kitchen has long experience with food for most occations. We serve tasty dishes for the lunch table, the à la carte menu, and the daily three course meal.

We have a wide selection of food, drink, and entertainment, and our helpful staff can create a package four your event. have you wedding, company gathering, or kick-off at Clarion Hotel Ernst. Speak to us about adding the little extra to create an unforgettable experience.

Restaurant Clarion Hotel Ernst Kristiansand
Restaurant Speilsalen

Many a distinguished hotel has over the years envied Clarion Hotel Ernst its Speilsalen. The new chef of the restaurant, jens Eide, has a background from Arakatakka and Feinsmecker in oslo and is known for his ability to lift the menu to an international level.

Speilsalen was completed as a wedding present from director Georg Probsthahan to his beloved Agathe on their 15th anniversary. His vision was to recreate some of the grandness of ages past, and with the swedish artist Axel Bjørling they together created the unique impression which is as fantastic today.

Sand is one of the best artists in his field from the period around 1900. He helped decorate the castle in 1905, and is rumoured to himself be of swedish royal, but illegitimate, blood.

In 1958 Sands works were restored in connection with the hotels centenary. The work was done by Edvard Vigebo who spent countless hours on his back painstakingly refreshing every little detail of the ceiling mural.

Conference Clarion Hotel Ernst Kristiansand

A good meeting dependson a good locale, careful planning, high quality technical equipment, and a serviceminded staff. Our experienced staff has a long experience in planning an executing big and small conferences.

The hotel conference facilities are over two floors with a good accessability for guests and staff. Wireless internet is installed all over the hotel, naturally with free access. Wired internet is available for all speakers. In our meeting rooms there is a phone directly to our helpdesk. You pick the phone up – we answer.

The capacity is 250 people in a classroom-setup, and it has a unique and pleasant lighting. The hall can be used for banquets, concerts and other events. We adapt the room for your needs.

Clarion Hotel Ernst has a capacity from 2 to 200 people with flexible room solutions for the auditorium and group rooms immediately nearby.


Clarion Hotel Ernst



Rådhusgt. 2 4664 Kristiansand Norge Telefon: +47 38 12 86 00
Fax: +47 38 02 03 07

WeCare is an important part of the businessculture and philosophy of Nordic Choice. We have long term environmental goals for both humans and our surroundings. This is why all our hotels have environmental certifications, both the nordic standard ”the Swan” and the international ISO environmental standard ISO 14001. In addition we encourace all our guests to choose a healthy lifestyle and inform of our offers in the reception.